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help them hope, lima, peru


To provide health, education and employment support to past and present patients of the Hogar San Francisco De Asis under the HandsofHope program. The goal is to equip these children and young adults with skills that allow them to live an independent life despite the physical impediments (burns, missing limbs etc) that many suffer from.  Objectives include but are not limited to:

  1. Have 213 past patients in the HandsofHope program by the end of 2013.

  2. From year 2011, recruit year on year 100 volunteers to volunteer at HelpThemHope associated organizations in Peru

  3. To improve the level of education in Peru by helping source funds for local Peruvians to set up learning centers.

vision 2020

By 2020 a strong network will have been created where past patients from the Hogar, other physical impaired and destitute citizens of Peru, past volunteers, Peru’s business society are working together through social entrepreneurship and social business programs.


  1. To follow the progress of each patient that enters the Hogar San Francisco De Asis and then until they are fully educated, employed and independent.

  2. To find a sponsor and mentor for each patient that joins the program.

  3. To find a full time support center for HelpThemHope; where staff can carry out their work and past patients can meet with staff, have access to computers and receive any other support they may need from social worker or psychologist.

project managers

Implementation and monitoring: John Whelan

    1. long-term volunteer in the Hogar San Francisco de Asis

    2. background in business and fundraising

    3. official resident of Peru, committed to the country and its people

  1. Day-to-day operation: local Peruvians

    1. board of directors, manager, tutors, psychologists, nurses, social workers, long-term volunteers

  2. investment details

  3. Sponsorship of past patient to cover education: $336 per annum.

  4. Administration Costs of running HandsofHope program: $24,500 per annum

  5. Cost of  renting support center: $4800 per annum

conclusion supports the HelpThemHope organization because they have demonstrated their ability to raise funds abroad and in Peru, have already enrolled students in local schools and universities and a sound project plan, backed by funds.  If you would like more in detail about the HelpThemHope work please contact us by email.


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