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Our annual summit brings together members of the personal philanthropy network to incubate private sector solutions to the greatest challenge of our time - global poverty.  Instead of focusing on income redistribution, we are committed to personally fostering the conditions necessary for growth and opportunity - without creating dependency.

We are also committed to the full participation of people from the developing world, our neighbors and local heroes - without their local knowledge, all of our talk would be irrelevant.  This is also a personal development opportunity to help each participant as we collectively reflect on questions of society, responsibility and prosperity. 

The summit consists of three blocks:


  1. Mark Regouby - What it means to Give Opportunity

  2. Don Wilks - Giving opportunity through Education in Nepal

  3. John Whelan - Giving opportunity through Vocational Training in Peru

  4. Bob Hopkins - Giving opportunity through Students in Dallas


  1. Financial Advisors Q&A - Learn about Venture Philanthropy, Donor Advised Funds, and Socially Responsible Investing


  1. Meet our speakers and panelists up close in this unique cocktail party atmosphere.

Join us for an optional Networking Dinner at the Stoneleigh’s Bolla Restaurant at 7pm


We are currently looking for sponsorship partners for following categories:

  1. 1.Coffee Break

  2. 2.Color Printing and Copying

  3. 3.International Airfare for our Peruvian Participants

Personal Philanthropy Summit 2010

give opportunity.

JUNE 12th

2 p.m. - 6 p.m.  - General Session

6 p.m. - Philanthropy Speed “Dating” Cocktail Reception

7 p.m. -  Networking Dinner (optional)

Location: Stoneleigh Hotel Dallas

Free Admission